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HVAC and Electrical Services in Indiana

Your home's heating and cooling system is a major household appliance that keeps your entire family comfortable throughout the year. Because the system might be used every day, it's a smart idea to have it serviced several times a year. The team at Goodrich Quality Mechanical is here to help you care for your system while offering quality services with each appointment.

HVAC Installation Ease

Whether your property is residential or industrial, we can install a new HVAC system whenever you're ready. Each property is carefully evaluated before the installation day.

Ducting and Exhaust Needs

Critical components included in any HVAC system include the ducting and exhaust configurations. The ducts move the conditioned air throughout the space with efficiency, and our team can design duct systems that incorporate fewer materials while operating with less energy every time. Our technicians can service the exhaust and improve it in some cases. A quick phone call to our Logansport, IN, office allows you to make an appointment and service all of these features with one visit.
American Standard System - HVAC in Logansport, IN
Lochivar - HVAC Sytems in Logansport, IN

Specialty Services

There are dozens of different components that can make up your HVAC system, including boilers using water or steam. Allow our team to troubleshoot your boiler system and complete a pipe fitting whenever necessary. At Goodrich Quality Mechanical, our goal is to provide quality services at each appointment. Our skills extend from basic to complex repairs so that you have one contractor for your entire system.If you have any questions about your HVAC system, contact us at 765-412-7345.